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    Default Creating Work Planes at Compound Angles?

    How can I create a compound angle of a work plane in order to drill a hole through a part? Is there a way to put a compound angle on a work plane? I usually put an angle on the work plane and draw the other angle on the part to get the compound. But is this the only way?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Create a sketch to extrude, then create a plane at 90 degrees to that, where the top of the part was going to be, on this plane, create a sketch with an angle (on each end), then create a plane using the angled line of the sketch and the first plane that was created and extrude the first sketch FROM/TO using the angled plane.I d0 this for each end and dimensioned the sketch. Now I can drive the part with parameters. Be sure to keep the angled sketch that you draw away from the extruding sketch otherwise you might run into problem.

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    There are several ways to create work planes at odd angles, you can sketch an angled line in one plane to the surface of your part then create a work plane on the end of the line by selecting the line, then the end point. You can create an angled plane by selecting a work axis then a work plane & specifying an angle or by selecting an edge & a plane.

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