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    Default stereolithography, sla, 3D printers

    Good day everyone.
    This is my first post here, I just joined. I am a draftsman for a machine shop that does integration and some production machining.
    The shop I work for is trying to add the service of 3d printing for prototypes on new products for our customers. I must say this is new to all of us. This has us wondering if there are “serious” 3D printers out there to consider; meaning by serious if they meet acceptable mechanical design tolerances and finishes. Does any one of you have hands on experience on one of these 3D printers? I mean the range of prices are so wide from a few hundred dollars to the few thousands up to may be tens of thousands of dollars.
    The other thing is that the first client that may require our services has as a priority the scanning of parts they do not have model nor drawings or blueprints. -Someone does this for them but they want to cut costs.- So on top of it all we have to consider if the 3D scanning systems some of these machines come with are reliable to the level of mechanical engineering drafting or we have to consider 3rd party scanners..
    So I would like to read from you if you have any input on these topics.

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    3D printers come in many shapes, sizes and varieties. There is Fused Deposition Modelling, FDM for short this is the category the RepRap community largely falls in to. Your Makerbots and Ultimakers that use a heated nozzle through which a filament is heated and deposited on the desired location. There are various powder bed 3D print techniques, where the powder particles are selectively fused together with a laser or glued together with a printed adhesive. And there is a variety of photo lithography 3D printing methods.
    In lithography light is used to cure a resin to become a solid, the nice thing with this process is that where the light does not shine on the resin it stays liquid.
    sla - 3d printing technology gujarat india
    stereo photo lithography has until now only been made really accessible to the community only by one guy, Michael Joyce from the B9 Creator. This is an awesome achievement! For us this also means that the world needs more and different kinds of these projects to become really open source. Photo lithography is an very precise method of manufacturing, in the past feature sizes of 100nm where obtained. No idea how big this is in inches (sorry people from the USA) but I estimate that if you squeeze your fingers together the space between your fingers is slightly less than 100nm.
    In other words amazingly small feature size. We would love to make very accurate 3d prints.
    So we based our choice of what kind of printer to explore on the possible feature size, accessibility of materials, ease of manufacture and the fact that a relative few have walked this path before us.


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