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    Default Could use some help with scan to 3d

    We just got a new 3d scanner at work. It attaches to our faro arm that is used for measuring. I brought a wood piece from home to try out the scan to 3d option in Solidworks. I have run through the point cloud to mesh wizard about 5 times now. When the point cloud is opened it looks nice and clean. There are about 2.2m points in the file. Once I run it through the wizard it turns out looking really bad. I have tried different options with not much change in the results. Do you have any ideas what it is I may be doing wrong? Here is a screen shot of before and after the wizard.

    Before(point cloud) Capture.jpg

    After (mesh) Capture1.jpg

    Point cloud file

    Thank you for any help you can offer.

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    You didn't mention which scanner and scanning software you use for it. Myself I Use Artec Spider with Artec soft and have no problems with imported meshes.


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