Hi guys, looking for some laptop advice really.

I've been using solidworks for a few years at work but have been wanting to get a laptop which can run solidworks so I can do some of my own projects and build up a portfolio of my own work. We have a desktop computer at home which my wife uses extensively for her own business. We don't have room for another desktop hence looking at laptops so l can sit and work in kitchen or lounge.

So Christmas has just been and I was blown away with my wife's generosity when I opened up her present to me and found a MacBook Air 13. Unfortunately my wife didn't realise that solidworks runs only on windows operating system. .

I've seen some people install windows onto MacBooks using boot camp. Has anyone experience of running solidworks like this and does it work ok?

I still have the option of returning the MacBook. so is the best option to return it and look at getting a windows PC with solidworks in mind?

Thanks for your thoughts?