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  1. CGTrader World Cup fest sale off up to 50% off for 3D models!

    Missing your team play or not being able to watch it with your friends is a bummer. But this year, you donít have to choose between going crazy for the World Cup or focusing solely on your 3D...
  2. Up to 50% off 3D models: take as many as you can carry!


    Hi guys,

    CGTraderís birthday sale is on May 22-29 with over 250,000 3D models (for games, VR, architecture and 3D printing) going on sale for up to 50% off. 3D artists are giving discounts...
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    100% royalties to all new sellers

    Hey guys,

    Already have an account on CGTrader? If not, what is the reason for that? We know some of the most common misbeliefs, but would really love to hear what you think.
    We know that...
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