can somebody try to write macro, which will work in this way:?

a) Catpart with isolated axes is opened
b) Manually selected axis or axes (manually, because I don't want to select all axes in Part)
c) click on macro


For each selected axis
1) set axis as current
(in Catia: right click on axis -> Axis Object -> Set as Current)
2) set axis system type as standard
(in Catia: right click on axis -> Axis Object -> Definition -> select Standard in combobox)
3) set origin to coordinates
(in Catia (definition box still opened) -> right click on origin's textbox -> select coordinates -> keep prefilled values -> click close -> click OK in definition box
4) go to 1) if selection have next axis

5) optional: after macro is done set Absolute Axis System as current


I'm working with macros in way record and update, but in this case I'm not so experienced user to get this working, can somebody help me, please?