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    Default Compound Angle Hole - Catia

    I'm working on a practice part in college with a compound angle hole. The goal here is to practice surfacing so I can't use any sketches, not even for reference. I will attach the print to this post for reference. The center line of the hole is called out as 17 degrees up from the bottom and angled 50 degrees from the front face. No matter what I do, either the counterbore cuts into the top surface or the hole cuts a piece out of the bottom surface and I've been told neither of these things should happen.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Print for practice.jpgScreenshot (1).jpgScreenshot (2).jpg

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    one way to get the centerline: create two Planes (one at 17 off the bottom face, and the other at 50), and then Intersect the planes for the centerline. Just make sure both planes pass through the centerpoint on the right side (based on the 19mm and 8mm dimensions)
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