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    Default Workbench button remains "invisible" in catia V5R19


    when I am in my sketcher and I want to leave it to go back to my part, I can't find the workbench button anymore. All icons on workbench was disappearing..
    It is activated in the toolbars list, It is NOT (really NOT, I searched a lot) hidden somewhere on the side , indicated by the double arrows. It's just not there anymore.
    I also tried removing ALL the toolbars and then only selecting the workbench toolbar, but nothing appears. Really frustrating.
    I can of course use the view--> commands list-->exit workbench, but this is not really practical as this is something I do a lot.
    I have been using Catia for more then two years now and this has never happend before.

    Please help.



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    Are you turning on the Full Screen mode, maybe inadvertently? Try the ESC button to return back to normal screen.

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