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    Default A Free Program I Can Use For Patents?

    Hi all,

    I'm an aspiring inventor submitting my first patent. I've reached the exciting stage where I need to create drawings and I want to use a CAD program.

    The problem is two-fold: 1) I don't have any money to invest in a CAD program 2) There are so many free options available I don't know what's the easiest/best option specifically for patent type (mostly isometric) submissions to the USPTO.

    Any assistance or guidance would be greatly appreciated... thanks!


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    Draftsight is a pretty good drawing app. The basic package is free.

    Fusion is another free CAD app, but primarily for 3D modeling. Not sure if it does drafting or not.

    Patent drawings can be difficult to make. Have you considered hiring someone (with Patent experience, and a non-disclosure agreement) to make the drawing for you?

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    You can download the 90 day trial of Rhino. It can create 3D model of which you can use the make 2D command to start creating the 2D drawings.

    Best regards.

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