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    Default Should I accept the company's offer?

    The head of the commercial construction of the publishing company I am currently working is resigning and the said position has been offered to me. Iím giving it a second thought though since Iím only working here for two years. Also, I have co-workers who worked longer than me and are more deserving than me. I donít want to create tension in the office, however, my parents encouraged me to accept it because they think I deserve it. Even a foreign colleague of mine told me to take the offer. I really donít know if I should.

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    Be upfront and ask them why they chose you over the co-workers who have been there longer. If you like the answer, take the job.

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    Default Should I accept the companys offer

    I recently have received an offer I felt was quite low.

    What is the minimum amount of money I should accept per hour here in Medellin with a BA, TEFL, 6 months experience?


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