Hello Friends

Nx Version Nx 9 or Nx 11 both Teamcenter Integerated.
Nx Module Assembly

I need a customized Clash analysis with 2 things.

1) Without Touch data with only Hard data.

2) If a Bolt is assembled in a flange (in first one time and patterned for 23 times – Total 24 times). If there is `Hard’ i.e., interference exits then 48 times it produces the report.
2.1) 24 Times of Hard Bolt with flange and
2.2) 24 Times of Flange with Hard Bolt.

So need a customized report with options / presettings as

A) Without Touch data and
B) Only one line of Hard data as Bolt with flange or atleast 2 lines of Hard data as Bolt with flange and Hard data Flange with Bolt

Is there any way to do this.