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    Default How to construct this confusing middle part?

    I successfully completed the first part of diagram. I stuck at middle part of the diagram which has section view. It is confusing me. Please help me.

    chuck plate.JPG

    Desired Diagram: Section View.jpg

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    The middle part is a stiffner that makes the part stronger. It's just a "bump" that's punched into the sheetmetal.

    To add this bump to your model; first add an oval shaped Pad 9mm high on the inside. Then add the fillets. Next Pocket the lower portion 5mm deep (9 - 4 thick = 5), and add the fillets.

    (this type of feature can be added automatically with the Sheetmetal workbench)
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrCATIA View Post
    The ..........workbench)[/I]
    Please try to post the answer in video or GIF formats. I can't understand literature on CATIA.


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