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    Default How can I group things in an assembly?

    I have a part in my .CATProduct that I use in 14 locations. Instead of stacking these one on top of the other in the model tree, I would like to group them together. I tried putting them in a component, however when I export a BOM, the component shows up in the Bill of Materials. Side note, I thought components weren't supposed to display in the BOM.

    Is there any way I can group parts and products in Catia V5-6 Assembly design?

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    I like to "group" parts into sub-components also. Especially hardware. It keeps the tree organized and much smaller.

    If you are using the CATIA Bill of Material, there are two lists. The top list breaks the parts down into their sub-assemblies. The bottom list (called "recapitulation") just shows all the parts in a single BOM.
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    Yeah the top list is what I'm looking for, everything broken down so I can see the contents of each sub-assembly and the quantities of everything in the sub-assys. The recapitulation is good for determining total quantity of each part in the end item, but I'd like to keep the structure.

    I haven't checked to see if the recapitulation include components. If it doesn't I might be able to leverage that.

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