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    Default Creating a polyhedron cell structure (Tetradecahedron)


    I would like to create a 3D Tetradecahedron cell structure (please see the attached picture) with ligaments which are beams with triangular cross sections. I was wondering if it is possible to make a 3D sketch of the polyhedron with lines, and then mount the beams on the sketch skeleton? Or it is better create single ligaments and then assemble them in a way that creates the final Tetradecahedron cell ? I would appreciate your guidance and suggestions on the best way to make the model.


    P.S. The attached picture is from the following article:

    Kumar, Prashant, Frederic Topin, and Lounes Tadrist. "Geometrical characterization of Kelvin-like metal foams for different strut shapes and porosity." Journal of Porous Media 18.6 (2015).
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