I am about to configure a laptop that I am hoping will last a long time and enable me to comfortably do CAD work, mainly on Solidworks. I am aware that GPUs Solidworks offers support for and officially recognizes are the Quadro series for Nvidia.

However, I am in a dilemma between Dell Precision 7530 which comes with Quadro P3200 6GB GDDR5 and Alienware Area 51m which comes with RTX 2080 8GB GDDR6. I am not interested in gaming. This is a long term investment for engineering work and studies. Would any of you have a recommendation as to which one would be a better option to go with? Additionally, if you have any idea about the cooling performance of Precision, I would appreciate that as I am aware that 51m has great cooling, but unsure about the Precision.

Thank you and all the best with your CAD work!