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    Lightbulb How to transform a Product to a Part in CATIA 3DExperience ?

    Dear 3DExperience and CATIA Fans,

    A lot of my customers asked me "how can we transform a product to a part like in CATIA V5?" and the answer → Derived Representation feature in CATIA Assembly Design.

    In the video you can see how to transform a small assembly to a part and make a cut. You can keep the links with original parts and change parameters.

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    Use Captions and Enjoy

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    How and why is this better than using the CATIA utility Convert Product to Part?

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    Hello @MrCATIA,

    The feature "Convert Product to Part" does not exist in CATIA 3DExperience.
    It has been replaced by "Derived Representation" feature now.

    It is very similar, but the interface has been improved especially with the legend mode.
    You keep the representation inside the assembly as a 3DShape, so you know where to find it.
    And you have more options like select to keep link or not, copy technological results, map names, etc.

    And moreover you can apply the derived representation on top of an Assembly Filter!
    To know more about assembly filter, check out this video -->

    PLM Technology

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