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    Question I need to model bearing in Catia Analysis

    Hello everyone

    I have a serious problem in Catia Analysis, as I designed an arm robot with bearing joints at the end of the links. Bearing were selected from SKF but when I put them in the catia analysis, many messages come with errors.
    Does any one have an experience in such cases ?

    Thanks in Advance.

    Types of bearing : Deep groove ball bearing
    Analysis type : Static Analysis.

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    It would really help a lot if you could include the exact error message (or messages) you got, along with a short description of what you were doing when you got the message.

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    Many thanks for your reply
    Kindly find the attached picture, this messages comes again and again despite of adding all restrains and loads, I think I have a misunderstand in modeling the connection property between balls and inner&outer cases
    please help me in this issueBearing.jpg


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