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    Default INVENTOR - creating a Mountain surface/solid out of points

    Hello everyone,

    I bought a 3d (point and altitude line )map of some swiss landscape and try to take in inventor a mountain profil. I manage to have the topographical altitude lines but I donít know how to make a surface out of it !

    I would like to have a 3d surface like this mountain down here : Pic 3d surca

    But I donít know how to join the points or lines to make it and I get this : 2 other pics

    Does anyone have an idea how to make a surface out of it ?

    Thanks in advance for your help

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    This definitely isn't a job for inventor or any technical CAD software. The surface will be very complicated - technical CAD programs like catia and NX create surfaces by Bezier curves and Isoparametric surfaces. What you have here is a monster and your PC will burn before it creates a parametric surfaces with those points. My best shot is that you could try a 3D rendering software like 3DSmax or Autodesk Maya. Then - you can try exporting it as an IGS or a parasolid format to inventor if you really need it in inventor.


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