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    Default Define (Quantity x Weight) in BOM table

    Hi. I want to built a BOM table (part list) in my drafting. Then I want to create a column in BOM table that contain (Quantity x Weight) for each part. But I want this column to update automatically like other columns. How can I do this?

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    There are two ways you can modify the Bill of Material table in CATIA V5.

    1. Use the Define Formats option on the bottom of the Bill of Material panel, and this will provide a way to add the Quantity to the table. (I'm not sure how to add Weight). There isn't a way to save the formats, so you'll have to add the Quantity every time you make a new Bill of Material.

    2. Write a customized CATIA Macro that will create a Bill of Material exactly as you want.

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    1. To add a BoM into the drawing you need a product but you probably know that already.
    2. Create a published mass in the part.
    3. Create a published mass parameter that reads that published mass from the part - do that through the function option, it's not possible to do a publication in the product of the published mass from the part.
    4. Now the most irritating part is that you need to create a custom BoM because the default catia BoM sucks and doesn't allow to add your own fields. If you do they vanish after an update.
    5. So create a custom BoM and import all the needed parameters. You may "stick" the catia generated bom with your custom fields but that is probably not too elegant. You may have to edit a catia standard so it has all the fields you want. The basic standards obviously suck and they're not to be edited too easily.
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