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    Default Catia FEA workbench tutorials?

    Hi, I'd like to learn more about the Catia General Structural Analysis module (and it's Assembly extension). The tutorials that I've found over the internet are not really that great. They barely cover the basic features and functions. Same goes for youtube videos. But I'd like some more practical examples like: simulating assembling and disassembling 2 (plastic) parts in an Assembly, simulation of the same thing in a specific temperature etc. I'm trying to do some things on my own but there are calculation errors I can't just understand. Does anyone know about a good book or maybe a blog that explain the catia fea workbench thoroughly?

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    For self-training information, did you try the online Help documentation?

    For good training, call your CATIA Reseller to see if they offer a class, or maybe they can come into your office and help you out with that product.


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