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    Default Winglet - Loft - guide curve & curve thru XYZ points

    I have been away from SW for a few years and now I am trying to model a winglet.
    1. I created a guide curve by using Project a Curve : Sketch on Sketch.
    2. Brought in an airfoil profile, (points thru XYZ points). Used this as my root profile.
    3. Brought in a tip profile and used Move Entities to get it in the right/approx. area.
    I now have 2 problems.
    1. I cannot get the tip profile to move to the end of the guide curve, (i.e. Move Entities does not seem to work), (I've checked and there are no relationships holding it in place).
    2. I'm pretty sure I need to pierce the root and tip profiles with my guide curve, but I don't know how to bring this relationship up.
    Is someone able to help me with my 2 problems?
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