Hello All,

This is my first post. Thank you for your help. I am relatively new to Solid Edge (ST8). My main experience is NX12 and Solid Works 2016. I have a few questions regarding feature control frames in drafting mode.

1. Is there a way to create a subfix or prefix like you can with a dimension in the feature control frame? For example, I want the feature control frame to say:


In NX, there are multiple ways to do this. I can snap text to the feature control frame, or I can enter text into the subfix field below the data fields for the feature control frame. Can you do anything like this in Solid Edge ST8? I do not want the two notes to be disassociated because that is how drawings get messed up quickly.

2. Additionally, is there an easy way to connect or snap a feature control frame to a dimension (e.g. a true position connected to a hole diameter)?

3. Finally, is there an easy way to have feature control frames embedded in a text box? I find this is useful for general tolerance notes. For example:

U.O.S. All holes shall be |TRUE POSITION|.010|A|B|.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!