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    Default Catia v5 toolbars disorder

    Every time I set and arrange the toolbars of catia v5 (and even lock them) they disappear in the next starting up and go back to the default condition and I have to set them again and again and it is annoying. Please tell me what the cause of the problem is and how I can fix it?

    Thank you

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    CATIA Toolbar positions have been a problem ever since Version 5 was introduced. Some users have found that dragging the toolbars onto the graphics area seems to lock their position, but all the toolbars tend to hide the model.


    I've been told the problem is due to the Dassault programmers trying to reuse the same toolbars with different workbenches. But since not all tools are applicable to all workbenches, sometime the toolbars contain more icons with one workbench and less icons with another workbench. So switching workbenches repositions the toolbars and of the toolbars no longer fit. Unfortunately, there is no way to fix it. Maybe Dassault will come up with a better method in the future (Version 7?)
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    This is actually strange. Try checking if you have the save rights to your catia settings file. Also they disappear if you shut down catia improperly (through ctrl+alt+del for example). If your keybinds also reset after restarting catia it may be a saving rights issue. Maybe try running it as admin if you can?

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    Thank you very much for your guidance

    My problem was removed a few days later automatically while I didn't realize what was the cause!

    However, the items now have been locked in the toolbars and I'm comfortable

    Thank you again


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