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    Lightbulb Product Table: Configuration in Assembly

    Hello everyone,

    In this new tutorial you will learn, how to create a product table in an assembly.
    It allows you to create different configuration in a product.

    You will have access to an Excel sheet and decide for each configuration to keep a part (as "true) and remove a part (as "false").

    Hope you will enjoy the video!

    Find the models on these Grabcad links:

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    Nice video introducing this new feature in Assembly Design. Thanks for sharing.

    Can Product Tables be used to show different positions/orientations?

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    Hi Mr CATIA,

    Sorry for the late reply!! But to answer you, yes it can be used to show different positions and orientations of parts. To do so, you need to instantiate the part you want to move it where you want to.
    For instance in the video, I show a room where I have 3 TV placed in different places and orientations.

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