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    Default CATIA v5 Sliding Contact Problem (Planar over Cylindrical Sliding Problem)

    Hi everyone!

    I have designed something related to Jigs & Fixtures (which is related to Mechanical Engineering/Manufacturing Process). I have created Single Locator (which is cylindrical in shape and attached to the wall) and called it Six times in my assembly design. There is a Point contact between Rectangular block and these 06 Locators (Locators are attached in 3-2-1 configuration). Now I am applying Load on "-z","-y" & "-x" axes and I want this rectangular block to slide over the cylindrical surface of Locators. But Locators are actually displacing along with Rectangular block (and simulation is acting like, point of contact/nodal contact between rectangular and cylindrical surface is fixed due to which Rectangular block is dragging the Cylindrical Locators along with it.

    P.S: Rectangular block is undeformable/rigid. Locators are rigid but they can/should displace AXIALLY only and No rotation No non-axial movement is/should be allowed.
    If I try to make locators rigid, just like a Rectangular block, the Rectangular block will not displace at all (just because, as I said earlier, the point of contact will act like a fixed contact and as a locator cant move, so it will not allow Rectangular block to slide freely on it either).

    Help will be much appreciated.
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