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    Default CATIA v5 (How to achieve sliding motion)

    I want to know if we can Slide any 3-D geometry (say rectangular block i.e. 1st part) over a fixed geometry (say cylindrical shaped ball or something like that i.e. 2nd part). I mean to say, rectangular block should be able to slide freely under some loading force but the second body with which it is in contact should remain Rigid and stationary.

    I have tried to contact both surfaces and it gave me "POINT CONTACT". Then I made 2nd part rigid and clamped it for zero translation in any direction. But when I applied a load (only Force in Newtons), 1st part does not slide over 2nd part at all. If I clamp only base of 2nd part, 1st part slides but abnormal behavior (like, both 1st and 2nd parts become attached at a point of contact and translate together).

    Help Please !!!!!!!
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