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    Default Siemens Nx >Rocket /spacecraft designing

    Hi guys I have trouble with moving objects particularly cone and the cylinder in siemens nx, can you help me please. in 6 minutes the computers finishes my time in the library so I will use after again.

    Please help me because it is even more than welcome to develop this particular knowledge and push on next launches.

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    Hi guys can you help me with moving the object becaue really I want to have results with moving the cone, blocks, fins and boosters in the siemens nx .

    my email is

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    Hi guys Fortunately I wrote help and I found out that moving the object is with ctr +t big success big progress.

    but the program turned off I turned again on I ould not use the search button either ctr t opened new windows instead of move object , but never give up keep trying. Fortunately it works when I restarted the program.

    I did progress you can see at [go to siemens nx(elonmusk)]

    Can you help me how to make fins , you as the recipiend of this beautiful forum mostly trustworthy americans or germans who claim to be the biggest power in the world as showing the death for somebodies needs should help me develop this program.

    Thankfully, Michael.

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    I had the computer time today from 19-23 in fact i used the siemens nx for approximately one hour and still have 20 minutes but it is tiring and time consuming(especially doing multitasking)

    to look how to make fins and engine .

    Would be helpful if you could help me how to make nice fins and engine at siemens nx .

    Thankfully Michael

    Much Love :>

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