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    Default How to pull XYZ info from a square slot


    New to using CATIA V5 and looking for a quick way to pull XYZ info from the squared slot shown in the attachment.
    I I have figured out how to make a 3 point circle and then do the math manually for the derived center point.....but with a software this packed with features, there must
    be an easier way than busting out a calculator. Until I get training, I would hope someone can help me with this task.

    Same question for a rounded slot, like the one next to the square slot?

    Thank you. Capture.jpg

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    Default How to retrieve XYZ center point locations for slots n CATIA V5


    New to Catia and trying to find an easy way to get XYZ location for center points for squared slots and round slots. I figured how to get them for circles...
    There are a couple ways I've found for square slots like to create a 3 point circle and do the math manually....but there has to be a better way with this software.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    I like your 3-point circle method to find the center of the slot. I can't think of an easier way to do it. I don't understand what you need a calculator for.

    I thought of using a PowerCopy to get the centerpoint, but that wouldn't be any easier/quicker than your 3-point circle method.

    Do you know how these slots were added to the 3D model? Maybe they are based on a hidden centerpoint?

    Do you need the center locations in 3D? Or on a drawing with dimensions to the centers? Maybe a Coordinate Dimension Table on a drawing would help?
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    For both try the point command, then choose between option for type.

    For the square or rectangular hole RMB (Right Mouse Button) for point 1 and choose create midpoint, choose one of the lines.
    For point 2 RMB and choose create midpoint, choose the opposite side of rectangle.
    Then for ratio enter 0.5.

    For slotted hole RMB on point 1 and choose create point, select the half-round curve and then choose center point.
    do the same for point 2 and select the opposite end of slot.
    Then for ratio enter 0.5

    200214 Image005.jpg


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