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    Post Receive Monthly IronCAD E-newsletter

    Our local IronCAD user group generates a monthly e-newsletter. If you would like to get the newsletter for free or join our group for free as well, just visit this site:


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    Cool IronCAD User Group eNewsletter

    Hello tomlehn,

    Thanks for the link to the newsletter. Can you post any Tips & Tricks from your eNewsletter here on our IronCAD forum? I just took a look at your current newsletter and found this tip:

    Family of Features

    It would be nice to have some or all of them cut and pasted into threads on this forum with a link back to the online version of the newsletter. If you do, please post one tip per thread and name the thread the same as the tip name. They will get more exposure that way because each gets listed in our Weekly Forum Update email letter.

    Thanks again!
    3DCADTips Help Desk

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