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    I have a problem which i know is solvable but i just can't do it. Im making a shockabsorber which is not very hard at first i made the piston and places to connect a spring i made a spring using a twisted sweep around an undefined line. this way i can easily drag the endpoint of the line up and down in my sketch making it a spring but when i put it in an assembly the last known position of the line gets saved and my spring is stuck in my assmbly. i cannot attach one side of my shockabsorber to a frame and move the other because of the spring i have tried using other ways such as the built in helix function or making small parts of a spring and mating them but it doesnt work. If anyone here knows how to make it look like this : YouTube - Shock Absorber SolidWorks Example please please help me

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    Look at this post Animating spring compression and have a look on the files/method suggested by Dennis. He has explained the in context method of animating spring in assemblies.
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