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    Default Creating a solid STL file from an assembly.

    I need to get a part made to represent the final shape of an assembly without all the inside detail.

    It will be SLA, so I need to provide a stl file that is a solid body with none of the inside surfaces, they will then fill it with a honeycomb structure when making it with a really thin wall on the outside.

    Is there a quick and easy way to export this? I want all the screw heads and other minor components on the exterior to be in model, but as it will be painted nothing inside it matters, it has to be solid with no voids in it.

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    same as other cad systems,

    - save /export the assembly into a part
    - open the exported part file and then unite/add all solids whenever possible
    (common faces will be eliminated, overlapping will be removed)
    - export it into STL

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