does anyone know how to work efficiently with blocks in Rhino SR4? I am building a rather complex model (a computer including all the nitty gritty parts).
I really don't want every object (and especially not the curves used for modelling) to appear in the big component assembly file, but whatever I do, the curves are always inserted - even though the blocks were defined to include only the 3d geometry.

Here's what I did:

1. I have created various files (one for each component)
2. each component was then made a block out of
3. a separate file is linked with the component files and blocks are inserted

Here's what happens:

Yes, blocks are inserted nicely and are updated each time I make changes to the original file - great! However, all the trash data used for modelling (mainly construction curves) are also inserted. The file is a mess. Now all wouldn't be so bad if I could just turn off the curves. But when I try, the 3d geometry is also turned off.

Is there any way of linking blocks without importing the curves - while the blocks will automatically update?
Looking forward to any ideas.