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3D Model beginner question


New member

I am beginner and am self-studying AutoCAD 2010 as of the moment. Anyway, kindly look at the isometric image(dims are in MM). I have drawn (which I saw in the internet).

I would like to draw that in 3D Modeling. I have started but I could not finish it....

I create a rectangle 88x50mm and then press-pulled it to a height of 18mm. I then created another rectangle 88x50mm press-pulled it to a height of 66mm. From there I created some lines to make the cross and again used press-pull to discard the remainder.

Now I did not went far and in fact I could not think of a way to do the cut-off of the cross as seen in the isometric image. The last action I did was to move/place the object onto the base.

Now for the isometric drawing I just drew a 32deg angle from the base and extended it. The same was for the opposite. I the drew an intersecting line thus the triangle. Trimmed/deleted the non-needed lines. I would like to learn how to do it with a solid.

Please bear with me as I am not that technical and just finished an associate degree long long ago. I'd like to further my knowledge by learning CAD. Have started out in 2D and now I'd like to start with 3D.

If you guys be so kindly help me please....

and by the way,

I am kinda slow in AutoCAD as I am a self-studier(just really started out with ver 2010 and just actually learning to use the ribbon!). If possible can you guys reply or give some tips via a step-by-step scenario so I can follow..? Kid gloves....

Thanks for the understanding.