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3D Model From 2D "Skin"


Hi Everyone,

I've done some rudimentary Googling for free and/or open source 3D Cad programs and I've come to the conclusion that right now I'd be getting in way over my head. I was hoping someone on these forums could help me out, either directly or by pointing me in the right direction in regard to what I am looking for.

I am a sports uniform designer by hobby and I've been looking for a way to bring my designs more to "life" by presenting them on 3D models. I remember back in my younger days playing the original "The Sims" game there was a way to design 2D "skins" that would then render onto the game's 3D models. Is there any program out there today that can do similar in regard to taking a fully laid-out uniform design and rendering it onto a 3D model?

I realize posting here is probably a long-shot but there's absolutely 0% chance of finding what I am looking for without at least trying.

Thanks for reading this. :)



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