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3d scanners for CAD discussion


I'd like to discusse use of 3d scanners to be used with CAD software.
Myself I use Artec Spider. By the moment it os suitable tomake grawings and CAD models of machinery, after Artec started to collaborate with 3d Systems. So scanned data can go directly to In my case Geomagic Design X to be processed to CAD model. Artec Themself has implemented some CAD0like tools in Studio, but for now it's far from what Design X can do.The other reasonfor me was that the scanner ishandheld, which Ifor me is really convinient to scan commplex shaped and different size machinery. I think this is one of the main advantages, you are barely limited with size. For sureIt won't be usefull to scan 1*1 cm item. Or i cannot scan a building with ahandheld scanner, well, technically I can, but it would take forewer. For something deom apple size to room sizehandheld scanners are good.
Do anyone else use 3d scanners, which and what software do you use with them?


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Hello, Hope You are Fine! Using scan data from a 3D scanner as a reference for design creates incredibly accurate CAD models. This process is known as Scan to CAD. You need this modeling step to bridge the gap before you can have a CAD model consisting of a solid CAD model. Arcengine provides CAD-based professional construction drawings for all building sections, floor plans, assembly details, elevations, and also scaled construction drawings.
feel Free to get more info about CAD software.

Contact: https://thearcengine.com/contact/
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +1 702-602-5093
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