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3DS Exports and Component Drift


Hi all,

I'm working with MAX 2012 and I have a problem with 3DS exports. The scene I'm working with in MAX itself looks fine, but when I export to 3DS and then import into another program (in this instance, Bryce 7.1 and Deep Exploration 6), it looks like the mesh "blew up," for lack of a better word. The components will simply be all over the place and the exported mesh isn't useable. Take a look:


See what I mean? This is supposed to be a Sovereign-class starship from Star Trek that was custom-made for me. I can't export to OBJ because the UV mapping is wrong, and I know there's a way to fix this problem because the original mesh that this custom job is based on didn't do this when exported to 3DS.

So the question is, how do I fix this "component drift"?