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3DS for Urban Air Mobility Aircraft Design


Hello Everyone,

My name is Robert Gomez, I am a student pilot, aviation researcher, and employee at Dassault Falcon Jet. I am looking to create a team on these forums to help me further my research on my eVTOL concept. To date, all of my research is located on blender software and I would like to expand it onto 3ds solidworks.

Looking for professional help with creating initial systems and sub assembly of the vehicle. Background and general interest in aviation are appreciated.

Paid position for assistance is available, please reach out to me I want to get this project off the ground literally speaking. Much more research is required to do so.



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Hi Robert

I have just read Your posting and I am sure I am perfect fit for this project. For me design is reason to work and therefore I like my job. I like creative people and would be nice to cooperate with You.

A bit about me:
Since 2010 I work in my private limited company. My activities are 3D assemblies modeling , 2D CAD detail drawings and sketches . I use Alibre Design Expert, NanoCAD and KeyShot. I provide best services for my clients and I would like to do the same for you.

Tell me please what extent can I help You.

I am attaching my portfolio to this proposal with some projects. Go ahead and please reply for this message - if You decide we will start Your project.

Best regards
Tomasz Lityński
Artofprogress LTD
Tomasz Lityński
[email protected]
+48 515 792 791


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