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    Default Rhino command for Combine Mesh

    Hello Everyone,
    I work in an architecture firm, and we use a 3d printer heavily in the office to create 3d models. We use revit to model the buildings and Rhino to model the sites. We would love to be able to quickly output massing models. but we are finding that the file setup process is quite time consuming. One major problem we have is wall scaling. When we reduce the scale of our models for printing (typically 1:20 = 1/240) The walls become paper thin. its there any way to take they export DWG from revit and quickly boolean all surfaces, or create a single solid model? Or is there a way that the model can be carved out of a block in rhino? There has to be a faster way to prep these models that indiviually thickening each wall/floor/roof surface. thanks - Limbatus
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