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7-Tips Sketcher Part Design - CATIA R19x

Hello all,

Today's video deals with Sketcher Application in CATIA 3DExperience R19x.

I have listed 7-tips that could be useful in Part Design or Generative Shape Design. Some of them are also very known in CATIA V5 as well!

This list is non exhaustive, there are always other tips in CATIA! So feel free to comment the video :)

Here is the summary:
#1 Triangle & Polygons (0:48)
#2 Equal dimension feature (1:56)
#3 Automatic Sketch Constraints (2:56)
#4 Text (4:01)
#5 Silhouette for Cylinder (5:22)
#6 Output Feature (6:50)
#7 Opened Sketches (7:54)

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Good to see that CATIA finally has Text in the Sketcher for 3D Lettering.
Yes it is nice, especially if you want to try engraving in 3D surface.
However the text is not associative, therefore your should do it at the end of your design.
Maybe that will change in the future, a lot of improvements are coming with new releases!