I need some help getting information. I work for a manufacturer which makes heat exchangers and pressure vessels. We have 2 CAD systems; AutoCad Mechanical 2013 and Pro-E wildfire 4. Some half a year ago the only remaining Pro-E user left the company. What remaines is a paramatric library of part which we use. My other 2 colleagues do not like to work with Pro-E. The like AutoCad better. They rather sticked with AutoCad 14 ( not 2014)!
We want to get 3D back and some are looking at HiCad because it uses 2D and 3D all together. I prefer to go for PTC CREO 3.0. I was told Pro-E/ CREO is a very stable system. and we already have an enourmous library of part. Our Pro-E model contians about 500 to 10.000 circular parts and other radius. Can someone share his/ her experience with heat exchanger models or does anyone knows HiCad? Preferably in comparison with PTC CREO? Please give me something to work with. Thank you.