Hi everybody,
i'm new to this forum, i'm writing here to ask your help for the modellation of an irregular groin vault for my thesis in Architecture.
The problem i found on my 3d modeling project is:
the groin vaults i have to model cover spaces that are not squared-plan but trapezioidal-plan. For that reason the border arches have different diameters and they arenít parallel to aech other two by two. I saw many web tutorials but all of them are explaining how to model regular vaults and so they are not usefull for my situation. Furthermore my model has to be imported in a seismic analyzis program (Straus 7) and so it has to be realized as a full volum and not as a surface (exactly 30 cm of structural thickness); at last it has to be merged to the side walls because the final model has to be a single volume, as required by Straus 7.
As attached file a map showing the groin vaults structure (the dashed lines represent the projection of the diagonal arches and of the border arches).

Thank you in advance for your help, i really hope that someone could help me.


Schermata 2014-11-11 alle 16.45.12.jpg