Hi everyone,

I designed an East-West Solar tracker (photovoltaic panels) for a school project. In motion study, i set a motor to rotate these panels according to the position of the sun. After calculation, everything works fine, my panels are rotating the way i told them too.
To add a little more realism to this animation, i decided to add a solar access study (in animation wizard) so my panels would actuate from sunset to sunrise always following the position of the sun.
Here comes the problem, after setting this solar access study and calculating i realised my panels were not moving anymore. Somehow the solar access study canceled the motor movement i had set before.
When setting the SAS in animation wizard i made sure i didn't tick the "delete all existing paths" box. I tried a few few things to solve this problem like ading the motor before and/or after the SAS but nothing works...

Has anyone experienced the same problem ? I would appreciate any help or ideas on how to resolve this problem.

Thanks a lot.