I have over fifteen years of experience in injection molds for plastic parts.
I projected or contributed to the realization of different kinds of injection molds: automotive, alimentary, interior, furniture, double material, with injection gas, rotating molds, multicavity, etc.
My job consisted in design different type of plastic products or project injection molds.
Iím able to organize my job and my coworkers job, following clients necessities and control statements.
About my goal, I started like CNC operator and now i can project molds and plastic products by my self.
I project few molds and the client with I use to work are happy about my job and they ask for working with me. That is amazing for me.
In this moment I'm the project Maneger in Tjesse srl
I'd like to do a work experience abroad, Europe or North America.
I can accept different kind of proposal.
For having more detail and my resume contact me.
Skype: roberto_goffi

Best regards Roberto Goffi