Dear Solid Edge Users,

I am using Solid edge ST6 and Windows Sharepoint Foundation 2010 as a PLM using Solid edge insight connect. On SharePoint, we have below folders like released, pre-release and obsolete.
Live products’ drawings are kept on released folder using solid edge insight connect. Whenever any ECO/ECN is performed on any released component, a revision/copy of released component is create on pre-released folder with next revision. Once cad work is completed, new revised component(.dft, .par) is released and older revision which is on released folder is moved to obsolete folder.

Here as per process defined, whenever any component is revised from released folder all its linked assembly and draft files are updated to new revised component. This is working fine for regular components. But it is not working for family of parts. Whenever any family of component is revised, linked assembly file is not searched using ‘Where-Used’ command.
Does anyone know the solution of above problem? Please advise.

Thanks, Jayawant Kamble