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A Prediction of the Job Market in 2011 from Cegonsoft Pvt Ltd


New member
Economical experts and enthusiasts from Cegonsoft bangalore have been veritably interested in predicting the job market in the forthcoming year. Since Information Technology has raised the standard of India, since it has lowered the unemployment rate and its ripple effect has lifted all boats along the market such as real estate, retail, education industry, money swirl and also the GDP of India, Indian economists are keeping their eyes extremely wide open eagerly waiting for another brilliant and exuberant cycle.

Though expert economists in United States gripe over an assumption that the recession is not over yet, Indian employees and Indian job market is quite confident about the upcoming year and the performance of market. Expert economists are worried about the fact that cycle of depression hast not completed yet. It is termed as double depression where the cycle completes only after two actual depression cycles. What the world encountered in 2009 June; the peak of depression is the severity caused by first cycle. Second cycle is likely to initiate in the near future as per the prediction of these economists.

Besides, this is looked at as an opportunity by stalwarts. Companies such as GE, IBM and others those that faced the repercussions of recession have stepped up to the plate to generate revenue just in order to mull over the recession as healthily as possible. As a result, these giants have strategized to widen their territories in terms of Human Resource, space and projects. One can see projects inundating from various angles into IT industry in India.

This paves way for a robust economy where employment rate escalates, standard of living rises and purchasing parity accelerates. This in return will trigger the ripple effect spurting the pertinent markets. Therefore, psychologically and logically, job market is likely to face a sound and solid performance, especially in India.