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About 25 April Bridge

Ewerthon Mota

New member
Hello everybody. I´m new to this forum so I expect to be posting in the right section. I need to build a model of 25 April Bridge (25 de Abril) located in Lisbon, Portugal. This Bridge carries two train tracks in a lower deck and road in upper deck.

More information can be seen here:
25 de Abril Bridge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
and detailed photos here:
Picture Gallery - Directory: /pix/pt/misc/bridge/Lisboa

I have seen some very crude models in 3d warehouse, but my focus is to build a CAD drawing in the same standarts that this sites that has a Eiffel Tower modeled in Catia: Home
The question is that I know almost nothing about where to start, I mean, I have Essencial and Advanced Assembly and Part modelling, plus a bit sheet metal. But just looking to the photos I don´t getting almost nothing, so I´ll need a engennering drawing or a blueprint. Again, where I begin? I also think to measure in field, but the particular location is rush and dangerous. The manufacturers of this bridge are the same of Golden Gate Bridge and Hell Gate Bridge (another on my list), the American Bridge Company. Somebody has a previous experience with them?
Its reasonable to do it only by myself in therms of time?