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Adaptive Sweep Surface


New member
I would like to use Adaptive Sweep command in the GSD but I face with some problems like error message in the the third image as I want to select the sketch in the sketch field. In this case I selected a different spine, the sweep surface edge.
In the first image, you can see the profile constraints I used. I projected the sweep surface and the guiding curve on to the plane. then I added constraints,coincidences and tangency.
In the second image, I only selected guiding curve. It is also as spine. I clicked sweep section preview button in the dialog box. the blue curves are shown with intersection to each other and they are normal to guiding curve but not to the sweep surface edge. Although it is normal, because I didn't select the edge as spine. Note that I can not select any sketch when I select the edge as a spine according to my previous explanation.



Super Moderator
Looking at the blue preview curves in the second image, I see everything crossing over itself. This tells me this is not a good way to surface this feature.

Instead of sweeping the profile, I would make two surfaces. 1, a vertical surface by extruding the 'L'-shaped guide curve, then 2, sweep the rest of the tangent profile about the circular curve. Make sure you extend both surfaces so they completely intersect each other. Then trim them, or add a fillet between them.
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New member
Yes,this is also a way to make the target surface but it's done at several steps, while by this command we get the purpose just in one step. Moreover, I have training goal. I need to exactly do this way. In the second image, I didn't select the edge as a different spine so they have intersection together because they're not normal to the spine.I don't know what's my error. Please see the link below too. I have a video ,however I can't upload the video from the PC. There is no browser to upload. If it's necessary, I can upload the video onto the YouTube and can add the link here. Thank you.