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Add some hidden lines on drawings in catia


New member
Hi all,

i have a question about adding some hidden lines on drawings.I can delete some hidden lines one by one as i activate hidden lines on properties.But i dont know how to add some specific hidden lines by one by on drawings.


Used now : v5-6r 2013


Super Moderator
As you know, you can use View Properties to include all hidden lines or none.

If you only want a few hidden lines, you could draw your own hidden features as individual lines, circles, etc., and then change the line style to hidden (3). You can use the SHOW FOLDING LINES to help position whatever geometry you add.

An easier way (I think) if you only want a few hidden lines, is to show all the hidden lines in a view, and use DUPLICATE GEOMETRY to copy the lines you want. Then turn off the hidden lines, leaving just the ones you copied.

The problem with both of these methods is non-generated geometry is not linked to the 3D part, so it won't update when the part is changed.

Another solution is to add more views (maybe a rear view, or a section view) to show the features that are hidden.
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New member
so there isn't any easy way to solve this prob. with link. :( i think that the drawing side of catia is poor in some ways like this