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Adding a new section in existing shape sections of structure design environment


New member
Hello Everybody
Actually I have to design a machine and I need to have the section of rectangular tube in dimensions of 80×40×2.9 (According to Eshtal table). unfortunately I couldn't find any exact section according to the dimensions of above in existing shape part of the toolbar "Physical plates and shapes" in the structure design environment.
First question: Is there such a section of rectangular tube in dimensions of 80×40×2.9 in CATIA?
Second question:Why the existing rectangular tubes dimensions don't match their dimension names?
Third question: Is there any easy way to create my own sections quickly?

Thanks in advance dear all
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New member
Dear all,
Just now I found the solution and I just want to share it with you:)

We draw our new section in CATIA part design environment and then save it to the directory below:

Program files/Dassault Systemes/B25/intel_a/startup/EquipmentAndSystems/Structure/StructuralCatalogs/

Then we go to the directory below:

Then double click on StructureMaterialSpecifications.
Then in the design tree on the left pane, open Specification, then AISC, then Steel, then A42 and finally double click on profile.
Then on the top of the page in the menu bar, click on Insert and then click on “Add component”. The window “Description Definition” pops up. Click on “Select document”. Here we choose our newly pasted drawn section. Then in Description Definition window click on Keyword values and then click on “name”.
Here we set a name for our new section so that it will be displayed by this name. Then we Save this work in a new directory because CATIA doesn’t allow us to save it directly in the default path. And finally, we over write the saved copy in the main directory as below:

Congratulations! The new SECTION now added. Enjoy :)