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Adding Products to Layers


New member
I've been trying to use layers to cure some of my Scene headaches but it isn't going well so far. Seems like the idiots who designed Catia have no idea what they're doing.... or if they do, they sure didn't make anything easy.

Anyway, I have assemblies with massive product trees and I was hoping I could select numerous products and add them to layers so that they could be hidden with visualization filters in the drawing.

Apparently, what I have gathered from the "help" documentation indicates that I can only add bodies to layers, not geo sets and I can't add whole products. Is this correct? Is there a workaround?

My last question is can individual visualization filters be applied to different views in a drawing or would they apply to the drawing as a whole?


Super Moderator

I agree with you on how poor the Layer and especially Visualization Filter tools are in CATIA V5. I don't think too many people use them.

From what you described, I suggest using Scenes to filter which parts are shown or not in an assembly.

Scenes can also be used to control which parts are shown or not in a drawing view. Or you could use Overload Properties to filter Views.

A little tip: When creating a new View from an assembly, select the parts to be included in the view before defining the view orientation. The parts you don't select will not be projected into the view


New member
Thanks guys. Ya, I've been using scenes and they are a massive PITA aswell. I honestly don't know what they were thinking when they designed the scenes feature.